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Well I'm really happy as I'll be beginning my FIRST REAL JOB on May 10th 2010. It flows. I like it. It will be a monumental day in history. (Personal History that is). When I was little I dreamed of having an office, being out on my own, going to work, looking nice, and doing my thing! I don't have my office yet, but I was talking to my supervisor and we think we know what one it is. And it is nice and has a huge window. I can't wait to start decorating. I'll be going shopping for office decorations sometime in the future. I think I'm gonna go broke next month. I'm all excited and I like to spend money when I'm happy. It feels good!

I love doing individual and group psychotherapy. I every day I understand more and more that this is what I was meant to do. There is a type of fulfillment that I am not sure if I can totally explain when you begin to fulfill your purpose here on Earth. Somewhere around the terms completeness and wholeness. I am just so happy as to where my life is right now. I'm looking forward to getting involved with things after graduation. Working 40 hrs a week is going to seem like nothing compared to the amount of hours I put in a week right now... which, I honestly don't want to know that answer. I think it's like 60 hrs a week, not including time spent doing homework. So 40 will be a breeze!! I'll be working until 8 one night, so i'll do a noon-8 which will be cool so I have one day a week to sleep in :-) I love sleepin in. I'm thinking doing those days either monday or wednesday. Then there are prescreen days... hmmm maybe Thursdays for that? I'll figure it out.

I'm just super stoked, so this is what I'll be talking about :-)

They are doing a story on suicide on CNN, woot! YAY for saving lives!


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