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What can't stay goes away

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I feel like I'm not gonna make it out of this alive. The way my schedule is now it is near impossible that I finish all my work by the end of April. I'm really counting on "I guarantee you a job here after graduation." If I hear those words, I'm quitting Hillside ASAP. I think I have enough money to last me until May cause I'm getting my tax return money back. That should be enough to hold me over. Then I'd begin work and start getting a paycheck which will be more than what I'm getting now. I'll probably increase my retirement contributions from 3% to 6% and begin the long journey of paying back those loans! So I am really hoping to hear those words soon. I hope I'm not working myself up for disappointment. I need this. I don't see how I'll get through continuing with nooo days off. April is going to be the month from HELL. So I won't see anyone until May probably.

Off to write my paper on Suicide :-) Hopefully the words just flow from my fingertips!


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