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Road Trip 2010
I had a super awesome vacation and it ends today. Back to work tomorrow and normal functioning life. I had a lot of fun and driving down south by myself was no so bad. Spent the night in Harrisburg then headed to Myrtle. Had a good time handing out with Marc. We spent some quality time together and it was great. Went out to eat and did random things. Met up with some hillside people my first night there and was out all night with them. The beginning of my craziness. I went to Willmington to visit Jen and we went out for dinner. It was nice to sit and have a good conversation with her. Fun and educational. That's how I enjoy my conversations to be. Greenville was good fun too. I was nervous as it was yet another wedding and I didn't know anyone this time. But I'm a social butterfly and met a lot of new cool people and had some good conversation and good fun. It really displayed how I enjoy good company and good food of course. I ventured to Rome, GA to visit Dr. Hughes. It was good to see him after about 3 or 4 years. We went out for lunch and he showed me around his campus and work. It was a nice visit and is always good to talk with people who are sarcastic like me. I ventured back yesterday and here I am.

I want to leave again. I am home and things are not how I want them to be. I must be asking too much from life right now. Enjoy what I do have and the rest will hopefully come someday. But I will not be idle. For time has limit and the threat of death encourages us to act. We cannot be idle because as humans we hold freedom and responsibility.

I really enjoyed Pastor Fritz's homily at the ceremony. For my purpose to remember "breaking, coasting, and stepping on the gas." He also did a good job in describing love as a choice and not a feeling. So he did a good job. I enjoyed it.

We have options. The question is, "are we willing?" I know I am.


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