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So I am really excited about going to Jamaica in a couple weeks, especially since it is soooo cold out right now. It will be a niiiice chance of pace. I know I will be exhausted, but the sun is good for mental health for sure!

Stacey has the traveling bug! I'm going to do something that I have always wanted to do, and the time is approaching. I'm going to travel cross-country from mid Jun to the end of July. I figure I should be able to get the trip in a month and a half. I have a few friends to stay with along the way. This is the sole reason why I've always wanted to have a decent amount of friends - to travel for free :-p A coworker also told me about this site called People evidently allow you to sleep on their couch for free. And there is feedback from other members about their stay, etc. So that sounds cool. One of her friends did it an had a good experience. Time for me to do some living, then come back and begin working. Also, with this trip and visiting so many cities, I can get a flavor about moving elsewhere if I wanted to. Seeing. Hmm this would be a great place to live, or I couldn't ever live here. Etc. That is something I've always wanted to do. People ask me, where is your dream place to live? I say, well I haven't been everywhere so I can't give you an educated answer! Although I won't be going to every city in the US, I will have a much better idea about what is out there.

With that said, I'm gonna miss out on about half the summer here in the ROC. That's not anything new though ;-) I also want to extend an invite if anyone wants to meet me somewhere for a few days or whatnot, that would be cool.

But it is time for me to explore and meet new people.

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Sounds exciting!!! Have fuuuuuuuun!

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