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Time for my yearly New Years update. Last night I went to Masny's house for a party. It was a good time. I didn't know many people, so I met new people! And that is always a good time for me. So didn't have any plans, but turned out to be a good time. New Years was always one of my favorite holidays because as I have previous stated in LJ is when EVERYONE gets together. That is because I would always have all my friends over, so it was a time that everyone got together. Then one year I went to California which was a good time, but I left my friends. Since then I've been back in Rochester, but being together on New Years was still important. This year was completely different. But it was good. It's hard to accept that those days of friends getting together is long gone. But meeting new people is always enjoyable to me, so it turned out to be a nice opportunity.

This break has been full of reunions. Went to Lockport, Medina, Albion, and Kendall. I'll make an effort to see old friends, as long as the effort goes both ways. I've always found it interesting that it seems to be the people that you would think would want to get together, you don't, and people you didn't think would, do. It has been a theme throughout my life, yet my expectations have not changed. I am always somehow a little surprised, when learning the same thing year after year, you think my expectations would change. Writing this down will help with expectations for next time.

I've got some resolutions for sure this year. It is def going to be a good year I can see. Jamaica, Graduation, prolly gonna end up road tripping to SC for Rachel's Wedding, so gonna check out sights and such and make a big trip out of it. Also hopefully obtaining a job as a mental health therapist.

Growing, learning, changing, accepting, experiencing. This will be some underlying factors of life in 2010 :-)


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